Tips to Boost Your Resume & Cover Letter

After you graduate college the first thing you worry about is getting a job. In college they teach you things you need to know to perform your desired job, but they don’t tell you how to actually get the job. I took one class my last semester where we had to create resumes and got graded. No reviews or anything, just a letter grade. How does that help? Crafting the perfect resume and cover letter can be hard. However, those simple papers serve as your first impression to an employer. Making sure they are perfect and tailored to that specific position and company are important. Here are a few tips for boosting your resume and cover letter:


  • Whatever skills and descriptions of the job they list, make sure you have those words in your previous job descriptions.
  • Only include relevant previous jobs.
  • When describing previous jobs use numbers and accomplishments to show that you make things happen! Use words such as handled, initiated, achieved, etc.
  • Limit yourself to one page!


  • Include all the qualities they are looking for in someone in your cover letter.
  • Make sure to mention specific ways you would be an asset to the company at hand.
  • Express your specific interest in the company, even an idea for growth you may have for them.
  • Go ahead an thank them for their consideration.
  • Limit yourself to 3 paragraphs!

What tips would you give for boosting your resume and cover letter?

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