Doing Little Things For Your Future Self

A few weeks ago, I accidentally discovered something really great. No, it wasn’t something for the history books but perhaps, it should be! What was it, what was it? Well, I started doing little things for my future self to appreciate. This sounds weird, but you’ll understand in a few moments.

I’m all for living in the present and taking each day as it comes but this thing of doing little things for my ‘future’ self makes it so much better and enjoyable. I first discovered this one weekend; usually during weekends or before, I do some grocery shopping for the coming week. In addition to my usual grocery shopping list items, I buy a couple of snacks like popcorn and chocolate (which -if you know which to buy- are the healthier alternative of other junk food) to nibble on during the entire weekend. Now, I can be a real homebody. My friends call me a hermit but yes, I prefer to not go out on most, choosing instead to stay in and either read, write, create or watch movies or series so having chocolate and popcorn to snack on is my version of a nice weekend haha. This also means I would finish the chocolate and popcorn in one day…until one weekend when I didn’t.

I don’t really remember why I didn’t choose to finish them within a day, but that Monday I had a really long day at work. When I came back from work, the weekend’s unfinished popcorn and chocolate greeted me on my desk. It made my day! I made my day! Do you realize the repercussions of this!? I then started seeing the advantages of doing little things for my future self and now I do it more often. I even extended it to other things like laying out the next day’s outfit to avoid stressing about what to wear, working out during the winter to tone up for spring/summer and to avoid the rush, leaving little funny or encouraging notes around for me to find later. This right here is a whole different kind of self love and I love it!

You can even do much bigger things than that. You can teach yourself a new language (I’m currently learning American Sign Language), enroll in a new class…there is no limit! And who knows? When the day comes, you might thank your past self for taking the initiative to do that. 

Have you ever done something like this before? If so, let me know!

Bella is a 21 year old artist who constantly revives 80s slang and for a long, long, really long time was convinced Andy Warhol was her soul mate. She blogs about anything and everything she finds interesting. She also refers to herself in the third person every now and then. 

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