September has been a pretty amazing month! I've learned a ton and have seen a lot of progress with re-branding the shop to Early August. But I couldn't have done it on my own! So much goes into starting and growing a business and even after doing this for years I still realize how important it is to be open to learning new things and asking for help when needed. Let me not even get started on how important it is to have an amazing support system backing you up! So for the remainder of this month I wan't to extend a little extra help out to YOU! If you book one of my 60-minute business coaching sessions you will receive a free 30 minute follow up call! The call can be used to ask questions that we may have not gotten to on the first call or anything that may have come to mind after the first call ended. Basically, its your world, i'm just living in it! Normally after my sessions you receive 3 follow-up emails but from now until September 30th, you will get both the extra call and the emails! 

Head over to my business coaching page for full session details and as always feel free to email with ANY questions you may have