A Look Inside My Creative Process

I've been asked a ton of times since starting this blog to share my creative process for the shop but have been extremely hesitant about it because well...there really isn't anything spectacular about it. BUT since I'm getting ready to launch Early August soon, I figured i'd give a little peak into how I come up with product designs and new ideas.

First, I do my research. For a girl who has only about an ounce of fashion sense, I often stalk fashion blogs and magazines. I check the comments and see what people are saying and I keep track of different styles and how often they pop up. As i'm doing this normally (on an extremely creative day) design ideas begin to pop up in my head. 

I keep all of my ideas for the shop in a spiral notebook that I like to call "The Recipe". Its where I jot down ideas and attempt to sketch out new pieces. Now, I SUCK at drawing so most of the time I explain the piece in FULL detail as specific as possible. After I visualize the completed piece in my head a few times and make a few edits, i'm off to find materials. I work with a lot of different large vendors around the US but I absolutely adore working with local vendors on Etsy. As I'm ordering new products, I write down exactly where I am ordering the materials from next to the design idea to make restocking a lot easier.

Since I already have the ideas written down I normally know exactly where to go to look for the pieces that I need. Some are super easy to find but others can take forever and often result in me having to change up the design. After the materials are ordered and shipped, I take a seat (at my desk, the couch, the floor or wherever else I feel the creative spirit moving) and get to making. Now, just because the idea looked good on paper and in my head, doesn't  mean when I actually make it that it will look just as great. I believe when you are creating anything, whether its jewelry or a blog post, its all a big trial and error process. And you also have to keep in mind that just because you love it, that doesn't mean that your customers will.

After the pieces are created, I normally give them a test run. I'll wear it for a few days just to see how it feels and sometimes I'll post pics on Instagram just to see what types of reactions it gets. If all goes well, I give it a name, a brief description and add it to the shop. The name normally has to do with whatever the main element of the piece is. For example if the bracelet has a peace sign charm, I may call it "Perfect Peace"..corny, but it works.

And that's about it! This is just the base of how I plan things out but not every brainstorm session happens this way. Sometimes I'll have a burst full of ideas and no research will be needed and sometimes ideas don't make it past writing them down.

What is your creative process like? i'd love to know!