10 Go-To Sites For Business & Blogging Tips

I think I've said this a million times, but I am the "tip finding QUEEN". I love to find a website that I can literally get lost in and suck up all of their amazing tips on business and blogging. Call me a nerd but its one of my favorite past times #AlwaysLearning. A few months ago I wrote the post "10 Daily Reads For Amazing Career Girls" so today I'm going to give you my top ten go-to sites for business and blogging tips!

1. YFS Magazine. I mentioned this site in the post before but they literally have so many helpful tips! From branding to building a strong community, anything that you may have questions about I'm almost positive can be found on their website.

2. Entrepreneur. I'm sure we have all heard of Entrepreneur Magazine well the website is just as helpful. They offer daily articles written by some of the worlds biggest and most successful entrepreneurs.

3. Inc. Another very well known business magazine (and actually my favorite) that offers daily tips on running a business.

4. PINTEREST. Fix your face, yes you heard that right! Pinterest is like Google's second cousin! It is a well of very useful information if you search for it! Just check out my business and blogging boards.

5. Elembee. I have been a HUGE fan of Lisa's for awhile now! She is a web designer who also gives great tips on using social media and starting and growing your business.

6. Twelve Skip. I just came across this site a few days ago but i'm in love! You can find tips on all things starting and growing your blog!

7. Nubby Twiglet. If you've heard of The Blogcademy, Shauna is one of the strong forces behind it! I sat on her blog the other day and went through her archives until my eyes began to hurt!

8. By Regina. Regina is my "spirit animal" (and yes I just found out what a spirit animal was a few days ago) On her blog she focuses on how you can create a better blog and creative business!

9. Living In Yellow. When I first started blogging Erins blog was one of the first I began reading. She's like a blogging pro and someone I really look up to in this community.

10. ME! I'm a newbie compared to these other sites but I believe I do have a pretty great list of tips and resources (If I do say so myself) Check out my Business + Blogging category and feel free to get lost!