Ok call me late to the party bus but this topic is something I have been wanting to speak about for the past couple of weeks. Almost a month ago WWD released an article about how much some of the top fashion bloggers were set to make this year. Some of which will be close to the millions. Now as blogger myself, seeing a blogger have this much success off of doing something that they absolutely LOVE was extremely inspiring to me! Mainly because I always have the "If they can do it so can I" attitude.

But as the article began to spread like wildfire across the net, I quickly noticed that not everyone was as inspired by their recent success as I was. I seen things like, "Oh she's pretty that's why all these brands work with her" and "Oh she was already wealthy before she started a blog so this isn't legit" and a million other extremely hurtful comments coming from BLOGGERS! Rarely did I see something nice or someone say "She worked her ass off for it and deserves it". Blogging can open up so many different doors for people and I am so inspired by others who make a full-time living off of it. (No I actually take notes!)

So why the hate?

I know not everyone in the blogging community is supposed to be friends with one another but why not congratulate someone for their accomplishments? Why not sit back and learn from then instead of bashing them? Why not use their success as a motivation for you to get up off your butt and really get to work?

I feel like bloggers already have a hard time proving themselves to people who have no clue what blogging really is. So why not uplift each other instead of sounding like you're auditioning for Mean Girls 3?

Anyways, today I have an amazing lady who I think does a GREAT job at supporting and uplifting fellow bloggers. Meet Shane of Whispering Sweet Nothings!


You've been blogging for awhile now, what first inspired you to start blogging?

Whispering Sweet Nothings started as part of a 30 day challenge my cousin encouraged me to do. I've always been passionate about writing and my finance/business analytics major didn't let me express my creativity enough, so this is my outlet to do just that!

You're about to move to Australia!! What part of your move are you most excited about?

Most excited to hold a Koala. Oh, and fall in love with a man with a sexy Aussie accent ;)

Its 2pm on a sunny Saturday, what are you most likely doing?

Playing tennis or rock climbing!

If you could take over anyone blog for a day, who's would it be?

Hmmm tough one! I would have to go with Lush to Blush. I used to be her virtual assistant, and she is sweet as sugar. If I could be a fashion blogger, I would. But as you'll see with my post going live tonight, that could never be a thing.