Weekly Wishes #29

Happy Monday lovely people!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was spent tackling #ProjectClosetOffice and let me just say that I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Its been a lot harder than expected but I'm so excited to see the final product!


1. Blog Commenting + Sharing. I think I did pretty well with this last week. I found that actually setting apart a certain time to catch up on blog reading helps a ton!

2. Outline next business workbook. Ok this didn't happen :( I got so caught up in getting #ProjectClosetOffice together and other things that I completely forgot. (but if you missed it last week, I did release my workbook on branding!)

3. CREATE. Nope :(

4. #ProjectClosetOffice. Obviously I've been working on this! All that's left to do is get my shelves installed and to decorate!


1. Finish up #ProjectClosetOffice. I hope the remainder of this project of mine goes smoothly so that I can show ya'll next week!

2. Focus on the shop. In the retail world I'm actually behind on getting the shop prepared for the holidays. (i know it still seems early) I not only need to stock up and add new products but I also need to begin getting ready for my trunk show next month!

3. Work on the newsletter. I learned a lot about sending out newsletters this past week from the networking event I attended and from the Dream Job Shop course I'm currently taking. This week I plan on putting those tips to good use and tweaking my emails! (uh, you should probably go sign up!)

4. Finish reading "Its A Jungle In There" by Steven Schussler. Steven talks a lot about taking risks in your business and doing what you are truly passionate about by any means necessary! Im on chapter 4 and its an easy read so i'm hoping I can finish it up this week.

What are your goals for this week?

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P.S. Because things have gotten hectic over here trying to maintain the blog, shop and my consulting clients, I have cut back on offering sponsorships. There are now only TWO large spots available per month and four of the smaller spots. I absolutely LOVE my sponsors but I only wan't to offer them if I feel like I can give my sponsors my all. You feel me?