How To Fit Creativity Into Your Everyday + A Giveaway

Happy Thursday luvahs! Today i'm going to sit back and relax and allow Brit of One & 20 take over today!

hi, TAN readers! i'm britt and i blog over at one&20, my near-daily attempt at putting my english major to use.
as a woman who has had a "novel-in-progress" for numerous years, i can truly appreciate how alisha pursues her creative passions in a way that is both fulfilling and profitable. for many of us, this is merely a distant dream, yet i am too naïve determined to believe that it can't happen for everyone. with work and personal life commitments and deadlines, it seems nearly impossible to finish writing that novel (which is riddled with 90s references that are now obsolete), or to complete that macramé hanger. and while everyone likes to believe they will be inspired by some unnamed muse that will draw their pens to paper in some feverish pursuit at the drop of a dime, it likely won't happen quite that way.

there have been many times i have been struck by some random inspiration and have opened my notebook and written for what seemed like hours. however, there have been just as many times when the inspiration has hit and i, instead, decided sleeping or eating was more important at the time and the spark diminished. there have been times when i sat down to write and couldn't get a single word out of my head.
just as we schedule other aspects of our lives, our time to be creative, thoughtful, and wide-eyed to the possibilities of success should find its place in our lives. it may seem silly, but i've found that if i give myself the proper time and environment, i have been able to accomplish much more creatively than i do when inspiration hits at 2:24 am.
block out a reasonable amount of time for creativity
it is easy to push this time off, but it is something we all regret when yet another year of plateaued progress has occurred. after toying with my own preferences, at least an hour per day is scheduled for me to focus on nothing else but my creative pursuits. i tend to spend the first block of time settling into a creative stimulus, which usually (though not always!) is followed by some pretty good writing.
design your own creative stimulus
for me, i always begin my time with reading a book i enjoy, meditative yoga, and a music track that really speaks to me. three avocados, a company that donates all of its profits to supplying clean water and education, sent me a few bags of coffee to try and i've really been digging how an amazing cup of joe has made its way into my daily creative stimulus.
don't lose hope
if you have yet to feel inspired after participating in your creative stimulus for a set amount of your creativity time, spend the rest either jotting down your disjointed ideas or choosing other activities that keep your mind vibrant and geared towards creation. i have no desire to become a famous singer, and i am actually not all that great, but choosing to sing during my creative time is something that keeps my mind away from the other 500 tasks i need to complete that day and leaves me open to receive inspiration. don't give up if you don't reproduce a Rembrandt right away - always know that taking the time to slow down and explore how your talents and gifts are both valuable and connected to the greater pursuit of beauty and passion is a worthwhile endeavor.
to get you started on creating your own creative stimulus, i am giving away a bag of three avocados coffee, the creative lady multi-tasking to-do list, $15 to spend at etsy to find inspiration in the handmade and unique creations of other lovely people, and one month of free ad space on my website to use whenever you choose to share your creative pursuits!

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