The Importance Of Building A GREAT Brand

We all the know the story. Girl gets excited about new business idea. So excited that she creates a random logo and throws up her shop in a matter of days. As girls business grows she realizes that she failed miserably at branding. Girl then spends a ton of time and a TON of money trying to properly brand her business. Three logos and a complete name change later, Girl FINALLY gets branding right.

Ok so we all know this girl is me! To say that I sucked at branding in the early stages of my business would be an understatement! Not only did it cost me a lot of money trying to figure it out but it also made me look like a flake to customers. YOUR BRAND IS EVERYTHING! And its not something that should be taken lightly. Its who you are, what your business stands for & how you will interact with your clients and community. Without a proper brand, honestly you have nothing. How can you effectively sell your product or services if you have no clue who you are selling to? Better yet, how can you sell anything if you don't even know who YOU are?


As you may know for the past month or so I have been working on a workbook that covers all things branding! Mainly because I really don't wan't you guys to go through the same thing I went through and because through my journey I have really fallen in love with the branding process. And today its finally ready to reveal!! I created this workbook with creative entrepreneurs in mind. Whether you are just getting started on your branding journey or are in the process of re-branding your existing business or blog, this workbook is for you!

It covers:

  • How to tell you and your brands story.
  • How to figure out your brands voice
  • The key to building a great brand
  • Space for you to put your ideal logo and website down on paper (because creatives like to color!)
  • and a ton more!

For $10 you will get 13 pages of interactive exercises and questions that will help you build the brand of your dreams! I have been wrecking my brain over this for so long, so I hope you guys love it and really find it helpful! The branding process doesn't have to be stressful so my main goal is to really make it easy for you!

You can purchase the "Put Your Brand Together" workbook HERE! If you guys would like to share the love and tweet about the workbook or maybe tell a friend or two I would forever be thankful!