My Closet Office Inspiration

Yes you read that right! I'll be taking on my biggest Pinterest project yet (actually my first) and will be converting my bedroom closet into a mini office/studio space. Why you may wan't to know? Well because I'm probably the only business owner who currently works from her couch, floor and kitchen table. Not to knock these places though because a lot of magic has happened there but its about time I create a big girl space of my own. And because I have no extra rooms to convert, my closet seems like the best place!

I few people were confused about my random idea so I figured I would share the inspiration behind it!

Cute right!? The only thing I have so far is a desk that I found on sale at BigLots and some white paint. Yup thats all. But I do have someone coming this weekend to install some shelves. Since my room is painted burgundy, I'm going with the black and white theme for inside the closet. I plan on creating my own black and white prints to hang up in the inside and maybe blinging out some mason jars to hold all of my pens in for the desk.

You're also probably wondering where in the world I'm going to put all of my clothes. Honestly I haven't gotten that all figured out but if I have to I'll just occupy the hallway closest until I come up with a better solution.

If you have any suggestions on how I can make the best out of my small space, I'm all ears!! I need all the tips I can get!