Where I Intended To Go...

I was thinking the other day about where I thought I would be a few years ago. I just knew i'd be working in PR at some fabulous agency, driving a fab car and moving into my dream home. Not to mention I just knew by the age of 25 I'd be married with maybe a little one on the way. I guess thats the crazy thing about trying to plan out your own future. No matter how much we plan, things will always happen how they are supposed to. If you would have told 21 year old Alisha she'd be making jewelry and helping others reach their goals, I'm sure she would have laughed in your face. But where I'm at now just feels right. Yes some days are hard & some days I really have to sit back and reevaluate things but I really love how things are going and everything that I have learned. Enjoy your journey folks, trust and believe that things will ALWAYS happen how they are supposed to!

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