Sooo I have transferred everything from Wordpress and BigCartel and I'm officially sitting up on SquareSpace!! Some things (like links) may look a little out of wack and I'm still working on getting back a few blog posts that wen't missing but its finally done! The blog portion looks about the same as it did when I was on Wordpress but you should go check out the new shop page (I'm still getting products added) and check out my new consultation page! I'm still trying to get used to writing blog posts on here after being on Wordpress for 385858 years so please bare with me if you don't receive my comment replies!

Anywho lets get to the goals!


1. Make the Switch to SquareSpace. Obviously!

2. Start on another business worksheet. Yea this definitely didn't happen. Switching over to the new platform and life got in the way of it.

3. CREATE. I had an overwhelming amount of creativity at the beginning of last week. I can't wait to get a few new pieces added to the shop!


1. Make a few small changes to the site. Like I said above there are still a few things that need a little tweaking now to just identify all of those things and get it done.

2. Relax, Pray & Release. Life hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend but it showed me that its due time to let a lot of things go. I'm going to pray and have faith that I will be led in the right direction. Ya know?

What are your goals for this week?


Alisha Byrd