10 Affirmations For The New Year

I first started saying affirmations earlier this year after I read "You Are A Badass" and its become a huge part of my daily life. I even shared a few of my favorite affirmations for bloggers and business owners in a recent post. One thing that I constantly battle with is negative thinking and allowing my mind to tell me what I am not capable of doing.

I believe speaking things into existence and that anything is truly possible if you believe it (that sounds like something straight out of a Disney movie) + have an insane amount of faith that it will happen. So I've put together a few of my favorite affirmations for you to take into the new year. Write them down, stick them around the house or your car and make a habit out of saying them out loud everyday. "Change your thinking, change your life."

I can do this, no matter what gets in my way, I GOT THIS!

I will have a prosperous, profitable + productive year.

I will attract loving + generous people this year.

 New amazing opportunities are constantly coming my way!

Everyday I am getting better + better at everything I do.

I can overcome ANYTHING!

No risk, No reward.

I love and accept who I am + the amazing person I am becoming.

I will no longer allow excuses or distractions stop me.

My future is filled with so many great things.