My 7 Must-Have Apps For Running A Blog + Business On The Go

This day and age you can pretty much do ANYTHING from your phone. Order food, find a plumber, write a contract and yes, run a business. No more racing home to get things done, pretty much EVERYTHING you need to successfully run your business or blog can be done right on that expensive phone. I've put together a list of some of my favorite must-have apps for bloggers and business owners (that don't include social media).

1. Buffer. I am terrible at remembering to schedule my social media posts when I know I am going to be out for the day, especially for the shop. The Buffer app makes it super easy to load and schedule a few tweets or facebook posts when you are unable to be constantly online.

2. Google Drive. I upload EVERYTHING to Google Drive, especially all of my notes from my coaching clients. The mobile app makes it easy for me to review notes when I'm on the go and send to my clients.

3. Stripe and Paypal. Depending on what platform you use to host your online shop, then you will need both of these to check funds coming in and going out.

4. Squarespace Metrics + Blog. No clue why Squarespace split their apps up but I love their metrics app when I wan't to see what type of traffic the site is getting. And their blog app is perfect for when I notice a mistake on one of my blog posts.

5. Play Memories Mobile. Ok so this app depends on what type of camera you have but it allows me to upload pictures from my camera instantly to my phone. Perfect for when I am out and wan't to shoot pics of the jewelry that I'm wearing for the Early August Instagram account. (I have the Sony Nex 5 btw)

6. Shake. The boo just introduced me to this app and I can't wait to put it to use. It allows you to easily create contracts to send to your freelance clients, anyone you're buying from or selling to or lending to. it even has the option to create your own. I can see a lot of freelancers using this for their own business.

7. PayPal Here. This app comes with a credit card swipe that you can hook up to your phone so you can take payments literally anywhere! I used this a ton when I used to do a lot of trade shows for my jewelry.

What are your favorite apps for blogging and business?