How I Organize My Day + To-Do List

Recently I sent out my Annual Reader Survey and one of the topic suggestions was to explain how I organize my day and to-do list. I have a lot going on over here with this blog, coaching services and the shop but I have finally figured out a system that keeps my organized and (somewhat) sane.

First off, I live by my planner, like I literally take it everywhere with me! I'm currently using the Erin Condren Life Planner and will be switching over to the Day Designer at the first of the year. Why a paper planner? Because im so much more productive when I write out my goals and am able to see them in front of me and also because I don't trust technology at all.

My To-Do List

  • On Sundays I write out everything that I know needs to be done for the week. This includes deciding what I'm going to blog about on what days and also non-business related things like getting an oil change or doing laundry.
  • For business, I always focus on whats most important according to deadlines and what will be bringing me in money. That takes top priority during the week.
  • Also when putting together my to-do list I look at my ultimate goal list a.k.a my vision board to see what small actions I can take to accomplish the big goal. For example, if one of my big goals is to have my jewelry sold in local stores (which it is actually a goal of mine) then one of my to-do's for the week would be to create a list of shops that I could see my products sold in.

Organizing my day

  • Before I roll out of bed in the mornings I scroll through my email to see what needs to be responded to ASAP and what can wait till later. That stops me from checking my email every few minutes while I'm working.
  • I try to only schedule one or two BIG things per day and work on those first because I'm so much more alert and less distracted when I first wake up. Plus I'm pretty much useless after lunch. I give those things all of my focus and try my best not to break until they are completed.
  • The most important urgent things like I said before come first so I try to spread them out Monday-Wednesday. That way I'm not rushing to get things done at the end of the week and I'm not forced to work over the weekend if I don't wan't to.
  • I usually save my blog post writing for the very last thing that I do before I wrap up my day because I can take my time with them. In a perfect world I'd have the social media posts for the shop scheduled for the week on Sunday but right now that gets done the night before as well.
  • Something else that I have been working on to keep me focused during the week and less stressed is setting myself solid work hours + not beating up on myself if something doesn't get done + needs to be pushed to the next day.

That's all folks! Nothing glamorous + there is definitely isnt some big confusing formula behind it. It's all about working on your priorities first and everything else follows.

I'd love to know, how do you organize your day + to-do list?