MY JOURNEY: The Support System

One of the hardest things I've had to get over since becoming an entrepreneur is realizing that not everyone will support or understand what it is that you do...and thats ok. I come from a family of extremely strong, hard working women who would work their asses off just to make sure their families were taken care of. You graduate high school then get a good paying job, pass GO don't collect $200.

Now don't get me wrong, I respect that and am truly grateful for them because it allowed me a chance to have an amazing childhood.


I never wanted to stay in this small town so I wen't to college to get away. When I graduated I quickly realized I had way too much potential and that I shouldn't have to settle for a job that I hated just because the pay was decent. So I quit and pursued my business full-time. Although they support the decisions I've made I can tell sometimes that im not taken seriously + what I do is still looked at as just a hobby. Because i'm home all day that I can't possibly be making any money and because I can't go out just yet and spend money on lavish things, that what i'm doing really isn't important and that I should "just go get a full-time job." Even though I know for a fact that they just wan't the best for me and that I know a lot of it is because of how they were raised, sometimes I just wan't someone to at least pretend like they get it + tell me that they believe in me and are proud of me without it being followed up with a job suggestion or something negative.

Its just really hard sometimes to feel like you're in this thing alone, you know?