4 Ways To Avoid Writers Block & Keep Coming Up With Blog Content

Before I wen't on blog-cation, I felt stuck as to what to come over here and write about on a daily basis. Although it may look easy, coming over here everyday to post can get tough and sometimes my brain tends to completely shut down.(and when I say shut down I mean I can't even form a complete sentence) So while I was a way I really did some soul searching and thought about a few different ways I could continually come up with fresh, new content without sacrificing consistency. Here is what I have found that works!

1. Create a weekly series or participate in weekly link-ups. Having a weekly series or participating in another bloggers link-up makes it easy to build a post around that one specific topic each week. On Fridays I always do and inspirational quote along with my favorite links from the week. And every Monday I participate in the Weekly Wishes link-up where I talk about my new goals for the week. BAM! Before I even get into the week, there are already two days worth of posts that I don't have to think too much into.

2. Write about the things in your niche that you wish you would have known before you started. I talk a lot about business and blogging over here and the majority of my ideas come from things I had to learn the hard way! Whether it be through trial and error or something in a book that sparked an interesting topic.9 times out of 10 you won't be the only one who didn't know about that particular topic, so why not share your expertise? #SharingIsCaring

3. Ask your readers what they wan't/need! Yes its your blog, yes you own this little space. But if it wasnt for your readers visiting your blog everyday, you'd just be talking to yourself. Don't be afraid to ask them what type of content they enjoy reading and what types of tips they may need (if thats your jam) and what do they wan't more of. I just recently sent out my annual survey to ask my readers what types of posts they would like to see over here. You can even take your questions to social media to see what your followers are looking for! You never know you may even bring in a few new readers.

4. Keep it real and share whats on your mind. I like to call these "2am posts". You know the feeling you get when you've had something weighing down on your mind and heart for the longest and you feel like the only way you can get it out is if you just write it all down? Well try typing those out next time and hitting publish. One thing I've noticed that you all like over here is when I really pour my heart out and share whats currently going on in my life. Not every post has to be planned or written perfectly, remember some of the best posts are random and come from the heart.

I'd love to know, how do you continually come up with new content?

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