MAKING MAGIC BLOG TOUR: Creativity In My Everyday Life

When Mo announced she was putting together the Making Magic Blog Tour to kick off the new creative services she will soon be offering, I knew I had to be apart of it! Because for 1) Mo is my homie and 2) She is a fellow creative! The purpose of the tour is to give you a peek into the lives of other bloggers, creators and entrepreneurs to see how they incorporate creativity into their every day lives!MAKINGMAGICTOUR I have always been a very creative person so doing something daily that sparks my creative fire is necessary to keep me sane! Especially since the business side of being an entrepreneur is everything but colorful and creative. So here is how I incorporate creativity in my everyday life.

MUSIC. No I can't sing nor play an instrument but I admire those who can. When I turn on my favorite playlist or just let Pandora do its thing, it takes me into a whole different world and my creative juices begin to flow. Its one of my many passions and I don't think I could ever go a day without it.

MAKING JEWELRY. Ok yes this is my job but sometimes I give myself a day just to turn the ideas I have in my head into reality. Some things I may or may not decide to sell but its a serious stress reliever to see my creations come to life.

JOURNALING. I have kept a journal since I was a little girl. Back then i'd fill it up with short stories but now I use it to vent and write down what I'm most grateful for everyday.I love to blog but its just something about putting your thoughts on paper that just can't compare.

How do you incorporate creativity into your everyday life?

Make sure you check out Ashley's blog tomorrow for the next stop in the tour!