weekly-wishes-25 Now that my blog-iversary celebration is officially over :( Its time to get back to work! Ya'll know how I'm forever up to something so lets get straight to the goals shall we.


1. Finish reading "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside". I did and I LOVED it! If you missed my favorite quotes from the book, check it out here!

2. Fold Clothes. :(

3. Send out first newsletter. I DID yesterday! If you signed up and may have not received it, check your spam or junk folders. Its my first one so there is much to it but I plan on expanding it and adding new content each week!

4. Work on business worksheets. I finally finished my worksheets on branding. This process is a lot longer than I had expected but I'm hoping the end result will help a lot of biz owners.

5. Work at an actual table or outside the house. I did this once this week and then migrated right back to the couch. I'll do better this week.


1. Make the switch to SquareSpace. My original goal was to create a SquareSpace site specifically for my consulting services and then I seen all the marvelous things that SquareSpace could do. So now I've decided to switch my entire life over to it. Yup that means the blog, my shop and consulting services all under one domain name. I'll be sharing more details as to why I'm switching next week. Lets just all pray that when I switch all of my blog content over that I don't lose a a full year worth of work.

2. Start on another business worksheet. I told ya'll these will be permanently sitting on my to-do list until they are all completed.

3. CREATE. The plan is to dedicate at least one day this week to creating. I have a ton of new materials that I can't wait to use.

What are your goals for this week?

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