Do You Know What Today Is?!?

one-year-blogiversary IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY!!

Yup officially! Today this little bloggy of mine turns an entire year old. For awhile I wasn't even excited to celebrate this special occasion. I mean blogs get older everyday right? But anytime I actually stay focused and fully commit to something for more than six months then it calls for a celebration! Ya'll this past year has been such an amazing roller coaster ride! I have showed up here five days a week to vent about my troubles, talk about my thoughts on love, share what inspires me and have highlighted some of the most amazing brands and bloggers I have ever met. I never in a million years thought that this blog would turn into what it is today. I never thought I would be giving business tips (seriously, ME?!) and I never expected to fall in love with something other than creating jewelry. I definitely didn't expect to make as many friends as I have through blogging (some of which I've actually met in real life).

My ultimate goal for this little blog of mine is to continue to grow (personally and in the blog world) and to continue to meet more and more of you all! Seriously from the very bottom of my little heart, THANK YOU!! Thank you for the support, thank you for stopping by here everyday and leaving amazing comments and thank you for not leaving when things got a little strange around these parts.

Here's to many many more years! *pours you all a shot of tequila*