MY JOURNEY: How Much Are You Worth?

Can I just be real with ya'll for a moment? The business side of running a business is not fun and can be quit exhausting. I 100% understand why people hire others to take care of those Anyways, the topic of "How much are you worth?" has been surrounding me a lot lately! Not in the personal sense but in business and how much you should price your time, products and/or services. I had an amazing consultation with Jess about my shop the other day and one of the main things she brought up was that for all of my products to be handmade by me that I was charging way too low. And i'll admit that it kind of hurt  my feelings. Not because I don't like hearing the truth but because I felt really bad for under valuing myself.

I have always worked hard on my jewelry and vowed to use quality materials while still making it affordable, but I have often neglected to do things like include the amount in for labor in order to keep my prices low. THAT my friends is a seriously stupid business move. Honestly this isn't even the first time I have been told this by someone that I look up to (yes I'm hard headed). Several people in business have told me that I don't charge enough in both my shop and services that I offer. Even my mom has told me that I should be getting more on bracelets that can sometimes take me two hours to make.

I guess what I'm getting at is..

Tweet: "Knowing your worth in business is just as important as knowing your worth in a relationship" - @TheAlishaNicole

I'm currently looking into wholesaling my jewelry to local boutiques and expand my services to its own site but before then I have to make some major changes. This is a very terrifying thing for me to do because I am afraid of potentially losing loyal customers but I must take the leap of faith. And I must put all of my trust in God and know that he will continue to open new doors for me.

Have you struggled with your worth in your business/blog?

I'd love to know how you deal!