How Blogging Changed My Life + A Giveaway!

In just a few short days this little bloggy of mine will be turning one! If it were a human child I can imagine it be waddling around me right now talking a bunch of baby nonsense! Anyways, I have been going back and forth for the past few days about what to write about for this special day. Do I write about what I've learned in my one year of blogging? Do I write a recap of all of my favorite posts from the past year? All good posts (don't be surprised if they show up next week) but as I was really thinking about it I realized that this blog has really changed my life. No I'm not just being dramatic, this blog really has made a serious positive change in my life! Just LOOK!HOW-BLOGGING-CHANGED-MY-LIFE 1. Sharing my goals on here has held me accountable + resulted in me getting A LOT more done! I'm terrible at setting goals and then never actually completing them. Since I've joined in on Weekly Wishes with Melyssa and friends I have gotten soo much done! Probably because I'm afraid of looking like a flake.

2. It's pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am extremely shy and blogging has definitely put me in situations where I had to speak up and talk about myself whether it was at blogger meet ups or pitching myself to brands.

3. I discovered a new passion. If it wasn't for blogging and connecting with so many other creatives who eagerly wan't to turn their passion into a career, I probably would have never discovered my passion for helping people take that leap of faith into entrepreneurship.

4. I wouldn't know all ya'll! Not even trying to be a sap (but this post may or may not be making me emotional) but I am extremely thankful for all of the bloggers and creative-preneurs I have met through this blog! I felt really alone in this whole entrepreneur thing and I really needed a supportive community who were going through the same things  as me!

But lets get to the good stuff! In honor of my blog-iversary, some amazing bloggers and I have teamed up together to give away a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner!! We all love a good book so spread the word, enter below and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Anne of Love The Here + Now | Deborah of Deborah Yanni | Danielle of Olive Juice + S'mores

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