Friday Inspiration + Link Love

you-can-have This has been an amazing week! One of those filled with a bunch of "aha!" and "duh girl, just do it!" moments! And I can't wait to finally share some of the things that have been going through my mind lately!

The topic of turning your passion into a career and if it could become successful has come up a lot this week! In my opinion, you can have whatever you are willing to struggle and work hard for! Call me optimistic but I honestly think almost anything can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and faith! Just look at some of your favorite brands, every single one of them turned an amazing idea and something they were passionate about into a very profitable and successful business. So why couldn't it happen to you?...EXACTLY! Ignore the naysayers, focus and do what you feel you were called to do!

I hope all of you have an amazing weekend! <3


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