Lets Talk About Love For A Second....

Its been a minute since I've come here with a random late night post... It seems as of late i'm starting to see more and more relationships form. Its beautiful seeing genuine love, the way two people look at each other like no one else is in the room..the excitement for new engagements and the photos from beautiful weddings..i love it all..my heart beats for it..But it does make me wonder when will it be my time? When will I have my exciting moment? I'm about to be 26 and although I've long given up the whole "I should be married by now" idea..I cant help but to wan't that companionship..genuinely.I'll never rush God because I know his timing is perfect but I just wonder when my moment will come..when will I get to annoy all of Instagram with sappy photos of us and pictures of our date nights? When will I get the moment to call home in tears because the man God has created specially for me has asked me to be his wife? Seeing all of the love has gotten to me.

Suppose I just need a little extra does of patience around this time of year.