MY JOURNEY: The Ultimate Goal + My Challenge To You!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my "Things You Oughta Know" post that I was still afraid to talk about my "ultimate goal" and when I opened up the floor for you guys to ask me anything. Serita wanted to know what that goal was. So here I am facing my fears and sharing that big ol' ultimate goal with ya'll. I also realized that I can't consult others to turn their passion into a business if I'm still afraid to talk about my own. (you see how blogging has a way of whipping you into shape?) Anyways, here we go.the-ultimate-goal THE SHOP

As you know I create handmade jewelry but as much as I absolutely love that part of my business there are so many other things I wan't to include in the shop. A very large portion of my ultimate goal is to expand into selling small home decor items, stationary and my own line of womens lounge wear (cute tee's, leggings and sweat pants that you wouldn't be ashamed to walk through Target wearing) I have a love for so many different things and I wan't my shop to reflect that.

But all of that is what will build up to opening up my own little shop. In my head I already know what it will look like, the type of people that will work and shop there and the area it will be located in. Think about a miniature version of Urban Outfitters...just cooler.


I've said this before but I feel like I have really found my voice over here and I hope that I can continue to inspire others to really go after the things that they are passionate about. I see this blog as being a little daily dose of inspiration whether its me facing my fears and doing things like this or offering tips on how you can switch to a career you love or turn your passion into a business. But from a homegirls point of view, I never wan't people to feel like there is no personality here.

As far as my consulting services I'm still trying to decide if I want it to be a separate business venture or if I should keep it apart of this blog but there are a ton of things I want to add to better help creatives turn their passions into careers. Including the business worksheets I have been working on!

Now here is my challenge to you! WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL?! You can leave a comment, email me or post it on Instagram or Twitter (use hashtag #TANUltimateGoal if you do!) Even though facing my fears and putting my ultimate goals out there makes me so uncomfortable I definitely believe that there is power in putting your dreams out into the universe. Speaking positively about your goals and thinking as if you're already where you want to be plays a huge part in your success!