You're NOT Running Out Of Time

I normally love the beginning of a new month. I always feel renewed and ready to get things done but today felt a little different. Its June which means its officially the middle of year which also means in six short little months what we currently know as 2014 will be over. A million things started to run through my mind.

What have I accomplished?

Have I accomplished enough?

I have so many things left to do and not enough time!YOU-HAVE-TIME

I was almost in full on panic attack mode until I remembered that this isn't a race. I'm not competing  against anyone for first place and there is no shiny prize at the end.  This is a journey and journeys are meant to be long so that you can make a ton of mistakes, re-plan, re-focus and learn a hell of a lot about yourself a long the way. And if I haven't accomplished anything else this year I've definitely done a whole lot of re-planning and learning. I've figured out exactly where I wan't to go with my brand and what steps to take to get to my ultimate goal (more on that tomorrow). Even if I can't physically see things right now, I'm doing a hell of a lot better than I was around this time last year..and I'm happy with that!

So my advice to you today is if you are letting time get in the way of pursuing your next venture or taking another "leap of faith" just ignore it! You have time to do everything your heart desires no matter how old you are or what month it is. YOU CAN DO THIS! And you should do this! The time will pass anyway, you might as well spend it doing something you absolutely love.Take a moment and think about all of the great things you have accomplished so far then think about things you would like to get done and take small steps towards those goals. Wan't to start a blog? Go ahead and buy your domain name. Wan't to start a business? Start thinking about who your ideal client will be. YOU GOT THIS!

Enjoy your journey <3

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