Prepping For My Second Year Of Blogging

In just a few weeks my little blog will be turning ONE! It seems like just yesterday I was sharing random inspirational quotes and was terrified to tell anyone about my little space. But now that my bloggy is entering its toddler years and I have a pretty good feel on this whole blogging world, its time to get a little more serious about it. I'm a huge fan of the quote "Never Stop Growing" and have been spending the past few weeks thinking up different ideas that would not only let ya'll a little more into my life and provide content that will be helpful to bloggers/biz owners but things that will also be good for the growth of my brand as well. I've been plotting hard ya'll second-year-of-blogging

So what do I have up my sleeve? New series!

#HERSTORY As you all know I am extremely passionate about other entrepreneurs and I LOOOVVEEEE hearing about how they turned their passion into a business. My goal with this series is to interview or let different business owners share their stories with my readers. Whether they are still transiting from their job to full time entrepreneurship or a seasoned vet. I've learned a lot about business just from reading others journeys and I think you all would enjoy it! I have a few ladies in mind that I would like to have share theirs stories, but if there is anyone specific you would like to hear from let me know!

I'd Wear That. On my personal vision board for this year I have "dress more my age" and its something that makes me so uncomfortable. But I will be turning 26 in about three months and its time for a little change AND as much as I hate to admit it my career is very much apart of the fashion industry.  I am most comfortable in a jeans and a tee with a pair of flip flops but there are a ton of ways that I can dress that up. So the purpose of this series will be to document how my style is evolving in the second half of my twenties. I'll warn you now..i know nothing about fashion but I do know what I like. Plus I'm on a budget so don't be expecting any name brands (unless I got it on clearance) NO NO NO NO this will NOT turn into a fashion blog, but putting things out here in the universe holds me accountable to face my fears and get ish done.

Behind the Shop This is exactly what it sounds like. I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to share bits and pieces of my own business here on the blog. So the Behind The Shop Series will be about whats going on in the shop, new product updates, events and anything else surrounding my biz.

The Locals I actually started this series during the early months of my blog and fell off terribly but wanted to bring it back! I'll basically be showing off a few of my favorite local businesses and events in my area and the places I wander off to. Starting this series before really made me appreciate my small area and I'm sure it will come in handy when I move.youre-not-the-same

I plan to do each of these at least once a month so a lot of my regular content will stay the same. I'll also be re-creating the newsletter so it will include both shop and blog news. I wan't it to be really positive so I plan to send it out on Sundays to provide you with a little inspiration at the beginning of your week! Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm also working on a set of printables that will help creatives turn their passion into businesses. And i'll be switching up the ad spots to make them benefit both you and me more! As always, I'm open to your suggestions! If their is a topic you would like for me to write about just let me know! I'm so excited to enter into this new year and even more thankful for all of you who still show up here daily!

How do you re-focus your blogs content to better fit your growing brand?

How do you prep for another year of blogging?