Weekly Wishes #21 + A Free Printable

weekly-wishes-21 So yea I know today is technically a holiday and all ya'll are probably either at the beach or sitting next to a pool right now but my vacation doesn't start until this Friday and I got ish to do. So lets get straight to the goals.


1. Attempt to update product binder..again. Yea this didn't happen but I did try up until my printer ran out of ink =/ Its just one of those tasks I'm really tempted to pay somebody to do.

2. Brainstorm new printables. I did! And even came up with a few ideas that I wasn't even expecting! You can download one for free below.

3. Work outside of the house at least 3 times this week. My mom had to have a minor surgery last week so I was only able to get out once, but that one day was pretty productive.

4. Re-do the about page. Got this done! I only had to add in and take out a few parts but feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

5. Don't worry about anything that I have no control over. I'd say I did pretty good at this. I stayed positive all week and kept in mind that everything always works out.


1. Work on business worksheets. Like I said above I have been plotting on creating a few different printables. The biggest will be a set of business worksheets that will help guide creatives to starting, re-focusing and making goals for their business. I'm so excited to get these out to you all and they will be available for purchase very soon!

2. Blog maintenance. This little bloggy of mine will be turning ONE in little under a month and now that I feel like I have finally found my voice and have a little direction with this thing its time to do a little cleaning up. I'll be adding new categories & series (you'll hear more about that tomorrow), updating the consulting & sponsor page and adding/removing sponsor options. No major changes but little things that I feel like would be good for the brand.

3. Wash clothes and pack before Friday. Me and my bests will be taking over Atlanta on Saturday and the last thing I wan't to be doing on Friday is rushing. BTW if you have suggestions on where we should go eat once we get there Im all ears!you-got-this

Now for the goodies! I created this little printable over the weekend. Figured it would be a good start to your weeks! I printed it on the thick card stock paper at Staples for about $1.90. I hope you enjoy!