WEEKLY WISHES #20 + Hello May Giveaway!

weekly-wishes-20 My favorite kind of weekends are the ones that are spent with family/friends and doing absolutely NOTHING! That's exactly what I accomplished this weekend. My Friday was spent getting some much needed rest and reading and Saturday was spent celebrating my cousins birthday! Sunday of course is always spent on the couch binge watching stuff on Netflix. Monday, why you come so soon?!


1. Update the newsletter.  I technically haven't changed anything yet but I do have a few new ideas that I can't wait to share with you all!

2. Update product binder. Yea this definitely didn't happen. I didn't even take the binder off the shelf to even act like I was going to do it =/

3. Update the shop. I didn't' get to add everything I wanted to the shop but I did get a really cute NC necklace added!

4. Finish Reading "Do Cool Sh*T".  I finished and it was a really great book! Definitely on my list of favorites!


1. Attempt to update product binder..again. Yea I'm going to give this one more shot.

2. Brainstorm new printables. I have a pretty major idea that will be an extended version of the "Get Your Business Started" checklist but I need to know what type of sheets you guys would like. Goal Setting & Action Sheets? Blog Planner? Let me know!

3. Work outside of the house at least 3 times this week. I'm starting to get cabin fever (one of the many downfalls of working from home). So I'll be attempting to camp out at B&N or a near by coffee shop this week.

4. Re-do the About page. A lot of changed over here since I last updated my about page, I THINK I may have finally found my niche and now offer a lot of different things for my readers. This is one of those things I HATE doing but it must be done.

5. Don't worry about anything that I have no control over. Friday I had a little mini break down which led to me throwing myself a pity party (which includes going in my room and taking a nap until the heaviness in my chest went away). I finally realized that God has always worked things out for me and this time would be no different! Keep the faith ya'll..so serious!

What are your goals for this week?

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Now for the fun part! Me and a group of awesome ladies are giving away a pretty great mix of items to one lucky winner! Enter below and GOOD LUCK :)

*Open to US residents only*


Alisha - Copy of #GIRLBOSS & large ad space | Kemi - $20 Avon Credit | Rekita - $15 Target Gift Card

Ashley - 28 Neutral Color Eyeshadow Pallete from BH Cosmetics | Nicole - Copy of "Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans"

Shane - Ad space & perks | Britt - Dreamchaser Ad Space

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