Weekly Wishes #19

weekly-wishes-19My "mentor in my head"

I had a great weekend celebrating my best friends graduations! Words cant even begin to explain how extremely PROUD I am of them! And I FINALLY got my copy of #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso in the mail! She is one of the many entrepreneurs that I look up to so I can't wait to dig into it.


1. Brainstorm new blog topics. Yea I tried but really didn't come up with much. I do know that I wan't to include more of my personal life into my weekly posts and do some "behind the scenes" type post about the shop. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see, let me know!

2. Look for "grown up" clothes. I still have a few items sitting in my cart on a few sites but I have yet to hit checkout on any of them. That counts though right?

3. Find my mama something for Mother's Day. I did! I found her a really nice navy blue bag and she LOVED IT!

4. VLOG! Whoop! Did this too! If you missed it you can check it out HERE.

5. Do some sort of exercise at least three times this week. Ehh I did squats twice last week and then my legs were aching on the 3rd day =/ I'll do better


1. Update the newsletter. I was extremely inspired by Samantha's most recent newsletter and how she does an amazing job at combining her shop with her blog. So I'm going to think up some ways for my newletter to be an even balance between the two. If you would like to receive it you can sign up HERE!

2. Update product binder. A product binder is basically where I keep all the details of every piece that I create. Ya'll wouldn't believe how hard it is to remember every piece of jewelry that I make let alone where I purchase the materials. I haven't updated it in over a year so you can imagine how long this process is going to be =/

3. Update the shop. I have a couple of new bracelets to add and some custom nameplate necklaces that I have to figure out how to easily add to the shop.

4. Finish reading "Do Cool Sh*t". I'm a really slow reader but I can't get started on #GIRLBOSS until I finish what I'm currently reading (I always feel weird not finishing a book after starting it)

What are your goals for the week?

Also, I'll be hosting my first group giveaway next week! I was going to keep it among my sponsors but have decided to open it up to anyone who would like to join in! Giveaways are great for a little extra exposure and you can give whatever you wan't (ad space, gift card, fav nail polish, whatever)! If interested just complete this FORM.

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