Inspiration For The Uninspired

All too often I open up a new page here on Wordpress thinking I'm about to write the most beautiful blog post the world has ever read..and then nothing comes out. Or the times I sit down in front of a ton of jewelry making supplies and everything that I touch is just WRONG! I hate feeling like my inspirational well has run dry so sometimes I have to go searching for it elsewhere.inspiration-for-the-uninspired 1. Other blogs. I can scan through the categories on BlogLovin for hours. I love to see what others have going on and it almost always sparks a new idea for a post.

2. Pinterest. This is probably an obvious one but Pinterest is almost like Google for me. You can find any and everything on there including a lot of blog post ideas.

3. Barnes and Noble. I love going into B&N to scan through new books and magazines. Something about the smell of books and Starbucks coffee always brings on new ideas. Random tip for my fellow single ladies: If you live in a college town, the best time to go to B&N is right around exam time..fine men who read..thank me later

4. Music. I am extremely passionate about music and have used it as my release from stress since I was a child. My favorite part of the day is when the house is quiet and I am able to just put on my headphones and write out whatever is going on in my head at the moment. This is normally when I come up with the majority of my jewelry designs. My current favorite album to work to is Haim's "Days Are Gone".

5. Do something completely unrelated. You can't force inspiration, sometimes you just have to let it go and pray it sneaks up on you. When I am really stuck like this I just do something completely unrelated. Seems like whenever I take my mind off of whatever I'm thinking about that's when I have an AHA moment.

What do you do when you are feeling uninspired?

I'm also looking for a few new blogs to follow! Some creative/entrepreneurial type lifestyle blogs (if that makes sense) oh and funny too! Leave your favorites in the comments :)