Weekly Wishes #17

WEEKLY-WISHES-17 After the week I had I definitely deserved to have a great weekend! Friday I got a chance to watch the American Blogger documentary (read my review here). On Saturday I helped Taylor celebrate her big ONE YEAR blog-iversary and I finally got a chance to try CowFish. And my Sunday was spent on the couch binge watching The Following on Netflix per usual.Now that I'm starting to feel like myself again its time to get back to work.


1. Organize jewelry supplies. Well I did organize the things that i had sitting on the living room couch and table but everything else got pushed to the side because I wasn't feeling well. I'll try again this week.

2. Make first newsletter for the shop. I did! And might I add I think I did a pretty damn good job at it. If you would like to receive email updates about sales, new product announcements and events you can sign up HERE. (promise you it will be no more than two emails a month)

3. Update some parts of the blog. Yeaa this def got put on the back burner as well.

4. CREATE. I did manage to make one new bracelet but didn't get to devote as much time as I needed to it.


1. Start a new book. I'm like bound and determined to get back into my groove of reading every night. I think I will start "Do Cool Shit" by Miki Agrawal.

2. WRITE. Just like making jewelry, I need to make some time to just sit down and write. I have a guest post to write and a couple blog posts that are going to need a little attention this week. I also wan't to work on my dream journal as well.

3. Create a graphic for the "work with me" page. I looked at it the other day and realized it looks a little cluttered with all the info. I think a graphic will be a little better on the eyes. (also I'm now booking clients for May :) shameless plug)

4. WORK HARDER. After being sick last week I had a lot of extra time to think about some things and i realized I have been playing it safe. So this week I really wan't to put a little extra "oomph" behind the things I need to get done and adopt the JUST DO IT attitude again.

Linking up with Melyssa today.

What do you wish to get done this week?