My Thoughts On The American Blogger Documentary

If you were unaware, the American Blogger documentary by Christopher Wiegand was released last week and has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews in the blogging community. If you haven't heard about the documentary, Christopher embarked on a cross country road trip to interview tons of bloggers in hopes to get a better understanding and appreciation for why his wife loved blogging. I'm the type who will read or watch just about anything that has to do with something that I am passionate about so I was extra excited when I finally got a chance to cuddle up on Friday night to watch it. Two hours later, I was impressed. The story behind how Christopher got into film making almost had me in tears and hearing about how each blogger got into blogging and why they love it I personally thought was amazing. Not to mention it was beautifully filmed and edited.american-blogger-review

But I can definitely see why a lot of bloggers couldn't get into it. I love the fact that it gave the world a behind the scenes look into the blogging community but I don't believe it was really meant for bloggers to watch. Follow me here..You won't really learn anything about how to make your blog better or how to earn money from your blog, so don't expect to have a page full of notes at the end of it. I felt like it was solely meant for people who have no clue what blogging is or for those who think blogging can't be anything more than a hobby. We as bloggers already know you can make money from blogging and how welcoming the blogging community can be. But if I were a non-blogger, I probably would have been intrigued watching this.

There were two things I would have changed though. First, I would have made sure to put the blog name and/or URL on the screen when introducing a new blogger. I kind of felt like he assumed we already knew who these women were. The only two that I immediately recognized were Erin and Anna.

Second, I think he should have interviewed a wider variety of bloggers. If I knew nothing about blogging I probably would have assumed all bloggers were women and the majority of those women mommy bloggers. I would have loved to have seen a few music/entertainment bloggers and even a few male bloggers.

So did I enjoy it? Yes, and I'm definitely not mad at the $10 it cost. From what I could tell, the women who were featured are really successful bloggers. So although I didn't really learn much from it, it was definitely motivating. Another thing I wanted to add is, before you form an opinion about this or about anything period, experience it for yourself. I've noticed a lot after reading reviews about this film that some people find it easier to base their opinion off of what someone of influence has to say rather than forming their own.

Have you watched it? What did you think?