Weekly Wishes #16

weekly-wishes-16 I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend and are still full off of all the candy and home cooked meals your stomach can handle. I'll be at Target later racking up on all the discount goodies ;)


1. Finish reading Recipe For Press. Err, no I didn't finish it :( But I'm about 2 chapters away from being done..so that's better than nothing. Right?

2. Work on the shop. If you seen my post on Tuesday then you know I made some MAJOR changes to the shop! I was so nervous but it has been so worth it and I am so happy with the decision I made.

3. Get down to only two email address. Yes! Well actually I have three but one is only used for store promotions and unnecessary things.

4. Wash/fold clothes. Done! And now I can call myself an adult again.


1. Organize jewelry supplies. Ya'll I have taken over the living room closet, half of my bedroom closet and the cabinet under the TV stand. I have stuff EVERYWHERE and it needs to be tamed.

2. Make first newsletter for the shop. Now that I officially have all of the changes done I'm going to work on creating my first newsletter for the shop. I plan to send it out Tuesday so you should probably go sign up :)

3. Update some parts of the blog. I wan't to change the picture and a couple things that don't quite match my new header. Nothing major though, I promise.

4. CREATE. I normally take two days out of the week to just sit down and make random pieces outside of filling orders but with all of the changes I have been making lately I haven't had the time. So this week I'm getting back into the groove.

What are your goals for this week?

The Nectar Collective