It's been FOREVER since I posted anything about my nail polish obsession but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Today I wanted to share an easy DIY polka dot nail design. All you'll need is any of your favorite three nail colors and a bobby pin!polka-dot-NAIL-DESIGN 1. Paint your base colors. I'n the spirit of Easter, I decided to use some really pastel-y/Spring colors. polka-dot-1

I'm using the Sally Hansen X-treme Wear polishes in "White On", "Jazzy Jade" and "Berry Juicy"

2. Choose 2 of your 3 colors and drop a little onto a paper plate or something you don't mind throwing away. I used a plastic tupperware top because we ran out of paper plates =/ Then dip the round end of your bobby pin into the paint. Using the longest end of your bobby pin works better.nails-collage

3. Simply dot the paint onto your nails. The more paint you have on the tip of your bobby pin, the larger your dots will be so be careful not to put too much.polka-dot-5

4. Wait a few minutes for it to dry, clean up any paint you may have gotten on your fingers then add a clear top coat. And you're done!polka-dot-6

RING: Alisha Nicole

Easy right? If you have any nail designs you would like to see me try let me know!

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