6 Things To Look For Before Sponsoring A Blog

A few months ago I talked about why sponsoring other blogs is great for growth and realized I didn't mention what to look for before you start handing out your money. When I first started sponsoring other blogs I handed my money out like crazy just because a blogger seemed cool (I was seriously acting like ads were on the dollar isle at Target) Through A LOT of trial and error and a few bad experiences I now know what to look for and am a lot more mindful with where my money goes.before-sponsoring-a-blog 1. How consistent are they with blog posts and social media updates? Before I sponsor a new blog I always scan through their blog and social media sites to see how active they are. I'm sure things come up, but nothing is worse than sponsoring a blog then finding out that they take random "vacations" for weeks with no warning.

2. How well are they with sponsoring current or past sponsors? When I look for a blog to sponsor I really like to see that they put in effort to feature their sponsors, even if it is just saying something nice before my featured post or commenting on my posts. MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL.

3. Stats. I have sponsored both large and small blogs and have had the most success with smaller blogs. No shade to any larger bloggers, this is my personal opinion but I think I received a lot more attention from a blog who maybe has 500 more followers than me versus 5,000.

4. Sponsor Perks. No way, no how am I going to give my money up for an ad spot that doesn't come with some type of perk! (and it really helps if the perks are listed on the page.) I look to see if the ad spot comes with a Q&A session, featured post or social media shout-outs. Another personal opinion but I like when the featured posts or Q&A sessions take place on a weekday, since that's normally when blogs get the most traffic.

5. Comment love. When I'm browsing through a blog that I potentially wan't to sponsor, I also look at the comments in their blog posts and if they respond to their readers. I just feel like if your readers are not engaging with you in your normal posts then they definitely won't care about what I have to say. And I am fully aware that not every post you write will have comments, that's why I browse through older posts.

6. Can you relate? Does the blog you wish to sponsor have similar content to yours? Do you think their readers would be interested in you? I probably would sponsor another lifestyle blogger but maybe a food blog wouldn't be the best fit for me.

You see that I didn't mention pricing. I for one don't see the benefit in spending $100 on one ad space (then again I've never done it). SO pricing is definitely up to you, your budget and if you think it is really worth it. No matter what the price is, I definitely suggest you do your research first.

Did I miss anything? What do you look for before sponsoring a blog?