What Can WE Do To Help Prevent Suicide?

Last week I found out that Karyn Washington, blogger of For Brown Girls committed suicide due to depression and mental illness. Although I do not know her personally this entire situation has been so heavy on my heart. Not only was she an extremely motivational blogger for women of color but she was ONLY 22 years old.  From what I have been reading online she became extremely depressed after her mothers death and felt she had no one to reach out to. I think that is the part that really gets to me. The fact that she felt so alone that she felt the only way out was to take her own life. I can't even begin to imagine the loneliness and pain she must have felt.what-can-we-do I feel like our generation has gotten so used to relying on social media as a source of communication that holding an actual face to face conversation has become almost extinct. So bad that we don't even recognize when someone is crying out for our help! Even worse, especially in the black community, we are so quick to tell someone to simply pray through a situation and then put down the thought of speaking to a therapist. Yes I am a FIRM believer that prayer changes things but I also believe that God created people to become therapists to help people in these types of situations. Sometimes you just need someone to vent to, someone who can help you with the thoughts in your head. Sharing that with a professional is NOT as sign of weakness or lack of faith! And we should never talk down on someone for reaching out for help!

Depression is REAL!

Mental illness is REAL!

And the sooner we recognize these issues in our community the sooner we can do something to prevent these deaths. This is the third suicide that I have heard of this year and the ages keep getting younger and younger. Something needs to be done!

If any of you have any suggestions on what I can do or what WE can do as a blog community, please let me know! My prayers and thoughts go out to the friends and family of Karyn Washington. Rest peacefully beautiful <3