My Journey: Never Be Afraid To Change

As I was writing this post yesterday it definitely started out as a post about branding, re-branding and change but I realized after writing it that it would be entirely too long for a blog post. So today since I have a few things to announce we're just going to talk about CHANGE and come back to branding later.never-be-afraid-of-change "Change" is my word for the year and for the past four months I have really been sticking to it. I'm a firm believer that if something isn't  working or if you are no longer emotionally attached..then change it. Which brings me to what I have to announce today. There is no more Eclectic Star...YES I still have an online shop and YES I still make jewelry. But the name Eclectic Star is no more.

I decided to have my blog and shop all under one brand, Alisha Nicole. Am I crazy? Hell yea I am..but I believe all entrepreneurs are. Honestly this change is something that should have happened back when the business turned two. I had been thinking about it since starting this blog but was too afraid to actually make it happen. Plus I wasn't sure how far this blog would even go. This decision hasn't been easy and a million concerns have gone through my head..

Would people think I was a flake?

Would it discredit me and my brand?SHOP-BLOG-PIC

Its a risky decision to make but after praying about it and talking with a few people that I look up to, I finally decided to just do it. (seriously the hardest part was taking that first step)

"Positive change is good and you should never be afraid to make it happen"

I've had a lot of issues with people either spelling/pronouncing Eclectic wrong or thinking it was Electric. And since I plan to start pitching my brand to different magazines and bloggers, I didn't wan't there to be anymore confusion. Also keeping up with double social media accounts was stressing a sista' out! I promise I won't be talking about the biz all over this blog unless something really important is happening or has happened. I never wan't you guys thinking I'm just here to sell you something.

This change is huge for me and I know apart of me will miss the hell out of the Eclectic Star name but this is what I feel is best for me and the future of my brand. And I hope all those who have supported me in the past will continue to do so <3

How do you feel about change?