Never Put A Limit On Your Goals

Since starting this blog I have discovered so much about myself, one of the main things has been discovering my love for helping people. Even more specifically, people who wan't to start a business or a blog. I have been brainstorming for months on how I can further help people figure out their dreams and get them on the right track to accomplishing them & I finally figured it out! Remember the project I kept telling ya'll I was working on? Well this is it! I have decided to expand my blog a little and begin offering consultation services for both small business owners, bloggers and business owners to-be.NEVER-PUT-A-LIMIT dream-consulting-1

This consultation is for anyone who currently wants to turn their hobby into a business, needs help building on an existing business or anyone who would just like to pick my brain about an amazing idea you have or anything business related. During this consultation we will get down to the root of what you are truly passionate about, how you can build on your current idea or create a plan on how you can turn your hobby/passion into a business.ecommerce-consulting-1

This consultation is for anyone who currently has an e-commerce shop and would like a little feedback or for anyone who currently wan'ts to open up a shop but are not exactly sure how. I will look over your existing shop and give you my positive and constructive feedback or we will discuss what platform is best for you, product pricing, branding and any questions you may have related to business.

Each consultation is an hour long and will take place via Google Hangout or in person if you are in the area! You can read full details of each consultation over on the services page. I also wan't to start adding more free printables for you guys  kind of like the "Get Your Business Started" checklist I created a few weeks ago. So if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!

One of my main goals for this blog is to inspire and show people that you can make a living doing the things you love. I wen't back and forth with myself the past few weeks on if I should start offering these services. I didn't wan't people to think that I was only willing to help for money or that they couldn't come to me looking for advice. But the quote "Never Put A Limit On Your Goals" really helped me get over my fears. And as always my email is wide open for any one with questions or needing advice!

Also to get the ball rolling, I'm offering one free service to anyone looking to work with me! I made the rafflecopter easy to keep it fair.

Thank you so much for your support!

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