Weekly Wishes #14


 Porkchop, the model..the beagle..my headache

Between taking a me day, attending the UNCG Threads Fashion show and getting some work done, I'd have to say it was a GREAT weekend! An even balance between being productive and being a bum! I hope all of your weekends were amazing as well!last_weeks_goals

1. Create a separate blog for Eclectic Star. Nope definitely DIDN'T happen. But there is a good reason behind it that I'll be sharing with you soon.

2.  Work on the Eclectic Star site. Most of my energy was put into mastering the art of taking product pictures (still haven't quit figured it out) but that def counts as working on the site.

3. Blog reading. I think I did pretty good at this and hope I can keep it up from now on.this_weeks_goals

1. Get half way through "Start". I started reading "Start" by Jon Acuff a few weeks ago and then took a "break" for like two weeks. My goal for this year is to only read ten book but if I keep taking these extended breaks I'll never make it.

2. Use new supplies. I have a bad habit of buying new tools and materials and then not doing anything with them. So my goal is to either teach myself something new or just get rid of what I'm not using.

3. Get my life. I have a few decisions to make this week and a pile of clothes in my basket that either need to be washed or folded (I can't remember). Oh and did I mention I let my friend talk me into working out this week?!

What are your goals for this week?

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