How To Dream Big & Keep Track Of Your Journey

I came across this post on Pinterest a few weeks ago about journaling your goals into reality and I completely fell in love with the concept. I'm a huge believer in "write the vision and make it plain" and believe that visualizing your success by writing it down plays a huge part in the things you accomplish. So I wanted to share how I dream big and keep track of my journey/progress.dream-big-and-keep-track At the beginning of the year I do create a vision board with an overview of what I wan't to accomplish through out the year but I have found that I really need to get into the details of what I wan't. For my journal, I use a regular five subject notebook and I labeled each section according to each project or dream I'm currently working on.

  • Gratitude (This isn't technically a dream but I really wanted to begin writing daily about what I am thankful for. So each day I just write a couple sentences about something special that happened that day, even if its just "I'm grateful I woke up this morning")
  • Eclectic Star
  • The Alisha Nicole
  • New Project
  • Life




1. Think about what you really wan't.  I sat down and thought about what I really wanted out of my business, blog and new project. Where could I see it all going and how I wanted to expand. So for each section I wrote out exactly where I ultimately see my business being in a few years as if it has already happened. I wrote down the feeling I'd have, the money I'd make and all the major and minor accomplishments in between. I really got down to the nitty gritty details.

Especially for the life portion of my journal. I thought about where I see myself living, the house I would be living in and even the type of car I would be driving. Its really important for you to visualize exactly where you see yourself being so you can constantly be reminded of the things you want to accomplish without any distractions. *Don't rush this part! really take some time and think about what you wan't*

2. Write daily/weekly. Whenever I have a new idea about anyone of my projects I write it in my journal and date it. Also when I accomplish something new or reach a new milestone in my career I write it down and date it as well. For me, this helps to see my progress. I feel like sometimes we dream so big that it often feels like we are getting no where but keeping track of even the smallest accomplishments reassures you that all of your hard work isn't going in vain.

3. Read it often and keep it close. Like I said my journal is a 5 subject notebook so I definitely don't carry it every where with me but I do keep it close to me when I'm working. Whenever I'm having an off day or feeling not so confident in my journey I go back and read my goals and it instantly motivates me to get over my slump. Let your journal serve as your own personal kick in the ass.

I'm huge on manifesting your dreams, whether its saying them out loud daily or writing them all down. And believe its extremely important to get your goals out of your head and out here into the universe. Keep in mind though that your dreams and situations can change so don't let it get you down if it does happen, just go to a new page in your journal and adjust.

I'm not huge on self-help books but seriously if you are looking for a little extra push and wan't to get deep down into what is really stopping you from pursuing your dreams I def suggest that you read "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero. If you follow me on IG or Twitter then you have heard me talk about this book A LOT but it is seriously an amazing and eye opening read.

Do you journal? How do you keep track of your goals/dreams?