What Is TOO Much For Social Media?

Lets talk about branding for a second. We all know that being active on social media is a major part in running a successful blog or business but what I've been running into lately is wondering what is TOO much for social media. How much of your personal life/random thoughts is acceptable and if you post too much could it potentially damage your brand?too-much-for-social-media I'm extremely random and often use my social media channels to express my random-ness. Ex:

If I'm thinking of it I'll post it. I feel like people enjoy getting to know the person behind the "brand" and not just seeing links to their current posts. Same thing goes for Instagram. Of course I post things related to the biz and blog but if I have a night out with friends, I'll post a few pics of us having a good time..if my hair is cooperating more than normal and I feel like posting several selfies, I'll do it. I think my only limits are if I've clearly had one too many drinks I won't get on Twitter ranting (at least I try not too) and I wont post any pictures of myself clearly struggling for sobriety. I also won't post anything with extreme uses of curse words or anything sexual or anything that could potentially be offensive. Its so easy to make up an identity these days on the internet and I just believe that a major part of building a brand is allowing people to get to know the "real" you. The person behind the computer.

Just because a lot of my life revolves around business topics, inspirational posts and jewelry is that ALL i'm supposed to talk about for the sake of my brand? As business owners and bloggers are we stuck in a "niche" even on social media? I need answers!