Weekly Wishes #13 + A Sale!!


I had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! I wen't down to Charlotte to celebrate a good friends birthday and I had a ball ya'll! It feels so good to get all dressed up with your friends and get out of your city for a while. (you can check out all the pics via my Instagram, I OD'd on selfies #SorryNotSorry) I hope your weekends were amazing as well! But its back to Monday, my email inbox is currently in shambles and I may or may not be still sleep so lets talk about goals.last_weeks_goals

1. Work on new project. I did! And I think I'm pretty close to being done.

2. Work my way through Recipe for Press. I read a couple chapters but def didn't finish like I had planned. Something is better than nothing, right?

3. Create an Editorial Calendar. Done!

4. Do better passing out "Give Love" letters. I left one in a random spot whenever I left the house last week! I still have a few more to give out though.

5. Wake up earlier. I failed at this miserably. Like ya'll I didn't wake up earlier not one single day. I don't know whats wrong with me but anything before 9am just doesn't click well in my head.this_weeks_goals

1. Create a separate blog for Eclectic Star. So a few people have suggested to me that I have a separate blog for the biz because I don't talk about my business all the time over here and it could possibly confuse people. The new blog for Eclectic Star will be where I talk about new products, events, sales and behind the scenes type stuff.

2. Work on the Eclectic Star site. I received some AMAZING advice from someone who once sold their jewelry in Macys about how I can make my business look more professional and "press ready". I soaked it all in and applying those things to the biz will be my main priority this week. #shitzgettinreal

3. Blog reading. I have been feeling so bad that my blog reading/commenting has fallen to the bottom of my priority list. I promise to do better at it this week because I miss it!

What are your goals for this week?

Linking up with Melyssa today!

PS. In hopes that Spring will actually start acting like Spring around these parts, all of my ad spots and everything in the Eclectic Star shop is currently 20% off! Just use promo code SPRINGBABY. Sale ends 4/2 at midnight!