Meet Ashley Of Modernette + A Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! Minus the fact that it still feels like winter here in North Carolina, its still a good day because I have Ashley of Modernette taking over the blog today! Not only is she a feisty lifestyle blogger but a photographer and pop culture and music addict! Get to know more about her in our little Q&A session below. ashley3

What made you want to start a blog?

I was a closet lifestyle blog reader for years!  I would read them, but never comment or anything like that.  One day I was reading a “Start Your Own Blog” series and I just got inspired and went for it.  I’ve always been a writer, so that part came naturally - it was everything else that had a bit of a learning curve!

 If you could take over anyone’s blog for a day, who’s would it be?

Oh, man!  Let’s see… probably someone with a really big readership, like Kate from The Small Things Blog.  I just think it would be really cool to connect with that many people at one time!

 I’m extremely jealous that you used to be a band photographer!  How did that career get started?

It was kind of an accident!  I went to a ton of concerts when I was fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen.  By the time I turned eighteen I was really, really into photography, so including my camera in the equation just seemed like the next natural step.  The first big event I did was photographing Warped Tour - that was my spring board into the next few years.  Strangely enough I also had aspirations of shooting a documentary, but unfortunately that never came to fruition!  Now all my photography just hangs out at StrangeLovePhoto.comashley1

Speaking of music, if you could only see one band/artist over and over for the rest of your life, who would it be?

This is like the hardest question ever.  Oh man.  Two of my favourite bands are The National and Brand New, so maybe one of them?  Although I might indulge my poppier side and go with something like Good Charlotte or Britney Spears, instead!

You just recently debuted your ebook “Hustle and Blog”!  What lead you to writing it?

I had been doing a blogging series every week for a few months, and I just started to get frustrated with the fact that it seemed to be broken up.  I would talk about one thing one week, and the next week another - I just wanted to write something bigger, with more continuity.  When I saw other bloggers writing ebooks, I thought it was an awesome way to combat the issues I was having with the weekly series.  And so I did!

What can you be found doing when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not blogging I’m (honest answer) usually watching TV and playing video games, at least in the winter.  When I’m not indulging in the holy trifecta of electronics, I can be found outside usually, or having a beer with friends.  I also try to write a little everyday, and get in at least a half an hour of gym time!ashley2

Quick!  Your plane leaves in an hour and you only have time to pack one thing, what do you grab?

Besides my dog Shasta, I would probably just grab my laptop!  Hopefully my iPhone is already in my pocket, haha.

Any parting words?

Oh man, no pressure or anything!  How about a little positivity: Work hard, stay positive, and spread good vibes!

And because Ashley is so amazing she is giving away not one but TWO copies of her Hustle and Blog e-book! Two winners will be chosen on April 2nd!

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