Are You There Atlanta? Its Me, Alisha

I have been thinking a lot lately about where I wan't to end up, as in where do I wan't to live. I'm currently in High Point, North Carolina (the city I grew up in) and although I'm in a pretty cushy situation right now, it is NOT the most desirable place to live. I mean c'mon, have you even heard of it? I feel like I belong in a big city, an actual city with a downtown that has shops and bars and SKYSCRAPERS. And even though I can appreciate small town life, I'm starting to feel like a caged bird more than ever.

The past few months I have been narrowing down some cities and came up with either Raleigh, North Carolina or ATLANTA, GEORGIA. I chose Raleigh because if I HAD TO stay in North Carolina its the only city I could see myself living in. Minus the fact that it is the states capital, I love how it has the big city feel but still country and small town-ish. And it was voted the 3rd best city for businesses and and careers by Forbes. But lately, I feel like my heart is really being pulled towards Atlanta. And of course, I'm hesitant. I've never lived alone (always either with roommates or my family) so if I moved it would just be me and Porkchop. And plus its a large city that I know nothing about. What side is the good side to live on? What if I get lost? More importantly, WHAT IF I CAN'T FIND TARGET?!atlanta-70847_640

Well played, Judy Blume.

I know how fear can be crippling so I put together some reasons why moving to Atlanta would be good for me.

1. The thrill of getting to know a new city. I really feel like your 20's are for exploring new places. And as much as it does scare me, I really do love adventure.

2. Opportunity. I promise you it seems like every other day I receive an email about an event that I would LOVE to attend..but its in Atlanta. Wouldn't it be so much more convenient if I just lived there?!

3. All the good concerts go to Atlanta. Last year Kanye West wen't on tour, skipped over North Carolina but wen't where?! Atlanta! And most large artists do the same.

4. FOOD! I watch a lot of Food Network and The Travel Channel and some of the places they show that are in Atlanta are worth the extra pounds I'm sure I'd gain.

5. New people. I have "met" a lot of bloggers and business owners that reside in Atlanta that I would love to connect with.

I'm sure there are plenty of reasons why people would say I shouldn't move to Atlanta but we're not going to dwell on the negatives here. And if I don't like it, nothing is really stopping me from picking up and moving somewhere else (well money, ya know)

Do you live in Atlanta? What do you love about it?