What Do People REALLY Think About Your Blog?!

So yesterday I was chatting it up on Facebook with the BLM girls and someone mentioned this site called Peek. Peek is a website where you can submit your blog (or any website) and in return they send you a five minute video telling you what they think about your blog. At first I was like "ahhh hell nah!", having a complete stranger tell you the God honest truth about something you love can't possibly end well right? I was literally terrified that they would tear my blog apart. So I waited a few hours to let the thought of someone giving me their honest opinion settle in and finally just forced myself to do it. I submitted both Eclectic Star and the blog. About an hour later I received an email saying my video review was ready. They send you a screen shot video as they go through your site and talk about what they think of it. I cringed all the way through it but they did give me some great feedback. Warning these opinions are from a non-bloggers point of view, which can be good and bad but I've learned in the past that not everyone gets blogging like we do. So some of their opinions shouldn't be really taken to heart aka don't go freakin' out on me.what-do-people-really-think-about-your-blog Here's what they said about my sites:

Eclectic Star

I think the girl that reviewed the shop may have been a tad bit slow, it took her forever to figure out what I did when its obvious all up and through the site. Anyways she did say that she could tell I was very creative and said she loved my jewelry. One of the questions they have to answer is what would they click on next after pulling up the site. Surprisingly she clicked on the blog (I would have clicked on shop first, but ehh we're all different) I think she was kind of confused after clicking on the blog because I don't regularly post about the biz so I'm thinking about moving that option to somewhere else on the site. But she was able to make her way back to the shop easily which made me happy just in case it happens with someone else. Overall, after she got the jist of what the site was about she gave a lot of great compliments. It definitely made me think of more ways that I could make the site more user friendly.

The Blog

I was extremely terrified to hear what the lady had to say about T.A.N (a different girl from above) I have been working really hard at branding this blog and I hoped she would "get it" and she did! She said she could immediately tell it was a blog because of the layout and knew that it had to be inspirational after reading my tag line. She wen't on to say that she loved my about section (my least favorite thing to write ever) and that she liked that my writing was witty. She also said that she could tell that I'm creative and love to inspire and help people (EXACTLY what I was going for) Seriously this review was like a breath of fresh air and definitely not as scary as I thought it would be. Ya'll should of seen me in here sweating bullets as I was listening to the video.

This wasn't my intended post for the day but I just had to share Peek with you guys. If you have been curious about what people REALLY think about your blog or what things you could probably change, I definitely suggest submitting your site! When you get your video back let me know what they said!