Weekly Wishes #11


I had so much hope for North Carolina's weather last week. The sun was shining, it was warm.....and then I woke up on Sunday morning to find it raining and freezing =/ One day Spring will stop teasing us and be hear to stay. But minus the fact that I put away all of my winter clothes prematurely lets get to the goals for this week.last_weeks_goals

1. Get some work done outside of the house.   Not sure about working but I definitely did enjoy the gorgeous weather (while it lasted). I also had a very motivational talk with one of my bests and my mama so I'm sure that counts as work.

2. Find a welding class. I found one! But its extra expensive and out of the budget right now, so I plan to save a little more and hopefully take it over the summer.

3. Update the Etsy shop. I updated it. But in all honestly I'm still not feeling it. Im going to really think about this week and decide weather or not I should just stick with my main shop.this_weeks_goals

1. Work on new project. I said above that I had a very motivational talk with my mom and best friend and it really pushed me to start focusing on this new project. My heart has been telling me to just go for it but I also know that I need to do my research as well.

2. Get new products added to the shop. For the most part I have all the accessories made but I have to take pictures (my least favorite part) and added to the shop.

3. Do better at writing in my gratitude journal. I was on a roll for the past few weeks but I have been lacking in the past week or so.

4. Put together a personal budget. I have been really inspired by Whitneys posts on money and budgeting, so I plan to put her tips to good use this week and get my life together.

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What do you wish to get done this week?
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