5 Ways A Man Should NEVER Approach A Woman

A few weeks ago i'm minding my business walking into the Dollar Store in search of cheap batteries and I hear psst psst across the parking lot. Of course I ignore it and continue walking into the store. As I'm walking out I hear psst psst, hey girl come here. Already annoyed I look over and see the Dunkin Doughnuts delivery guy whistling and signaling for me to come over while he's hauling boxes into the restaurant. To say that I was annoyed would be an understatement! For one, you are a grown ass man, you should NOT be whistling and making "psst" noises to get my attention. TWO, if I ignored you the first time what makes you think I would pay you some attention the second time? Did you think my mood changed within ten minutes of buying my cheap Dollar Store batteries? And THREE, homeboy you are in the middle of working! Even if I was interested its not like you could stop to actually hold a conversation with me! Now I'm not "bougie" and I don't need every guy to approach me with roses but if you are seriously interested in a woman.SHOW SOME RESPECT! So today I figured I'd share a few ways a man should NEVER approach a woman.5-ways-a-man-should-never-approach-a-woman 1. Making strange noises or yelling from far away. Women are not dogs, if you wan't our attention you don't whistle, psst psst or yell "aye girl" for us to come to you. Its disrespectful and in my humble opinion, any woman who falls for it really needs to learn that she deserves better.

2. Immediately commenting on her body parts. Telling a woman she has a fat a** or a nice rack will lead you to nothing but her either rolling her eyes at you or cursing you out. There are a million and one different ways you can compliment a woman without bringing attention to her boobs or butt.

3. While she's with her parents or obvious boyfriend. I just find it extremely uncomfortable for a man to approach me while i'm walking through Target with my mama and I'm sure she does too. At least wait till she walks off into another isle. And coming up to a woman while she's with her boyfriend is just going to end up in you getting your ass kicked. Its just all disrespectful, bro.

4. By getting physical. NOTHING i hate more than being in a bar or a club and have a guy thinking its ok to grab your arm to get your attention. If you ever want to get smacked and embarrassed in front of your boys..try it and see what happens.

5. While he's with his girlfriend. So you really think that I'm going to give you the time of day when you clearly don't know how to treat the girlfriend you already have? Its the ULTIMATE disrespect and like my mama has always told me "If he'll cheat on her for you what makes you think he won't do the same thing to you with someone else?"

I know I probably don't have any jerks like this reading my blog but if I do..then I hope you have been paying attention and taking notes!

Do you have any scenarios that you would add to this list?