Weekly Wishes #10 + I Need Your Help!


I need a vacation...now

I don't know what the purpose of day light savings time is but it always kicks my ass. I spent my entire Sunday all messed up and confused. Anyways watched an episode of Shark Tank yesterday that made me extra motivated to get some stuff done this week so lets get to the goals. this_weeks_goals

1. Get some work done outside of the house. From the looks of it, North Carolina is finally going to warm up this week so I wan't to get out of the house and enjoy some of the sun.

2. Find a welding class. This is one of my goals for this month. I need to find some one asap that can teach me how to bring some of my jewelry ideas to life.

3. Update the Etsy shop..or not. So everyone that I know who creates handmade products tells me that it is smart to have both an Etsy shop and a main shop since Etsy receives so much traffic. But since re-doing my main shop, the etsy shop is blahh to me. I'm going to give it another try before I decide to close it up but as of right now im not feeling it.

The Nectar Collective

Ok now to the next part of this post. Sooo I'm thinking about putting a newsletter together for the blog. Actually not a newsletter because I think the word "newsletter" sounds uptight. But something like an inspirational email of some sorts. With maybe a few business tips and whats going on with Eclectic Star. Promise I wouldn't spam your emails, I'm thinking just sending something out once or twice a week. Right now its just a thought but I wanted to get your opinion on what you would wan't it to be about or if you're interested at all. Anyways, I put together a survey to find out. Please if you get a second Id love to hear your input. Its only a couple questions AND you can take the survey on your phone. I'd really appreciate your help!