My Prom SUCKED But My Dress Didn't

A few days ago I over heard some girls talking about what they were doing to get ready for prom. Their excitement was something equivalent to what you would probably see on something from the Disney channel. I mean they were acting as if  THIS was the biggest moment of their lives. Right before I was about to judge, I remembered how hype I was for prom, especially my Junior prom. It was my first and I was going with (who I thought was) the love of my life. I had everything planned out, it was going to be perfect, my DRESS was perfect. See what happens when your mom works in law enforcement, she kind of looks up the person she is letting her oldest child go out with. And what happens when she looks up your boyfriend? She finds out that he has been in trouble with the "law" a few times and refuses to let you see him. Yep on the day of prom my mom REFUSED to let me see my boyfriend aka my prom date. Can you imagine how my sixteen year old self reacted? D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C!  Now she did have a change of heart and let me go with him to prom but only because I had spent all of my hard earned money on my perfect DRESS! But the entire night I was miserable not only because I was distraught from the drama I had to go through on the best day of my life but she also made me come home immediately after prom was over. No after party for you.

But despite the drama, lets get back to THE DRESS! It was gorgeous and featured my favorite color (orange) and made me look like a pretty mermaid. And despite my skinny-ness it hugged me in all the right places to make me look EXTRA curvy. It was perfect! And honestly even if I didn't make it to prom I still would have found somewhere to wear that dress because come on, prom really is ALL about the dress right?mypromdress

I've since donated my dress because it HAD to be worn again. But if you or someone you know is currently wrecking their brain looking for the perfect prom dress, check out JenJenHouse. They specialize in wedding, special occasion and of course prom dresses! And have some of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen, like this one!promdress

Like seriously? Can't you see your sixteen year old self floating into a ballroom on prom night wearing this beauty? Prom dresses have definitely stepped it up since I was in high school. I can't wait until my little cousins are old enough so that I can help them pick out what they will wear.  And quite possibly live the experience through them. Make sure you go check more designs over at and let me know what your favorite is!

Oh and my mom was definitely right about my prom date, he turned out to be a loser. Who would of thought huh?

This post was sponsored by JenJenHouse but all opinions are my own.